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About owner

The owner grew up in the rural area close to Polokwane. Farming with his father and the local indigenous people called the PHEDIS.


As a little boy he was always first to be in the fields in the morning and quickly learned how to operate the farm equipment.


Being passionate about farming the boy was a natural at running all the different aspects of the farm by himself.


This allowed his father to trust this boy to run the farm at a very young age. The local PHEDIS was astound that a boy of his age could manage such an undertaking. The PHEDIS gave the young boy the nickname “Mufama” meaning FARMER MAN as they said that this man was given a gift to farm.


The boy always had a dream to have his own farm. With this dream his passion for farming remained part of his life.


In 2005 being a young man he bought his own farm and named the enterprise MUFAMA INVESTMENTS and his dream was finally fulfilled.