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Agri: Carlo Snyman +27 83 504 7468


MUFAMA INVESTMENTS was established in 2005 as a farming enterprise. One of the products that were produced was Cherry peppers. Mufama produced these crops for several years and supplied many facilities that processed cherry peppers.


In 2013, we realized that the market for processing these peppers was rapidly growing and that there was an opportunity for expanding the company’s portfolio. We acquired dynamic personnel with experience and knowledge in this field and started our planning process.


We obtained machinery and established a plant to begin testing. We altered the processing techniques to a point where we felt satisfied and confident to start building a state of the art facility where we could begin processing on a large scale.


At the beginning of 2014 we earmarked a building in the industrial area of Seshego, Polokwane. This area was perfect for us, as it is home to +- 100 000 previously disadvantage local people with an unemployment rate of 25.5 %. Mufama starting in this area resulted in job opportunities for hundreds of people and being literally walking distances from their homes, it uplifted the community exponentially.


In March of 2014 we started customizing the building to meet our operating needs and installing our customized equipment. The new specially developed and tested equipment was supplied by the leaders in the market and was completed by mid-November 2014.